General Overview on the Process of Recruitment

The following are the forms, policies and procedures that can be used in the recruitment process. The section on Recruitment Planning is things you need to think about to prepare for the job interview stage. 

Recruitment Planning:

Job Description – job title, what is involved, tasks and responsibilities 

Qualifications required for the role  e.g. licences, computer skills etc. 

Advertisement – how – online or through an agency 

Review resumes – shortlist candidates 

Internal recruitment – think about promoting within the business 

The following are checklists to assist with the recruitment process: 

Onboarding Checklist - Drivers

Onboarding Checklist - Manager / Administration


Setting up prior to employee starts


Send to the Employee prior to starting:


Send to the Employee prior to starting:

*Note: copy of this document is to be used in the induction process and then returned to HR/Payroll