Chain of Responsibility

The chain of responsibility (CoR) is a policy concept within the National Heavy Vehicle Legislation to place legal obligations on parties in the transport supply chain or across the transport industries in general.

All parties in the road transport supply chain have specific obligations under the law to prevent a breach and it requires every responsible person in the supply chain to take positive steps to prevent breaches in the following categories:

  • Speed
  • Fatigue
  • Mass, load restraint and dimension
  • Maintenance

CoR is a key principle targeting those who, by their actions, inactions or demands, put drivers' lives and other lives at risk and gain an unfair competitive advantage by breaking the law. AFRA has developed an overarching CoR Governance policy for the company as well as individual policies and templates for each of the categories under CoR.

There have been two-speed policies developed; one designed for vehicles that have GPS or Telemetry within their vehicles and another for companies that do not have these installed in their vehicles. The fatigue policy has been written, based on standard fatigue hours; if you work under basic or advanced fatigue management protocols, this policy can be amended to suit your requirements.

These documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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